Darnley's View is made with a selction of ten berries, seeds, peels and roots collectively known as botanicals. The prinicpal botanicals in our recipe are juniper, cinnamon and nutmeg. We decided to bottle at 42.7% as it is the point where the combination of warming spices makes our gin tastes its best.




In our gin the distinctive pine, lavender camphor-like flavour of the juniper berry is the keynote around which all the other botanicals are built. We select the most aromatic, oil rich berries which grow in Southern Europe.


Indonesian nutmeg is a sweet and delicate seed which adds a hint of mystical eastern spice.


Ancient ginger root from
China delivers ginger and slight citrus freshness.


The dried seeds from the delicate cumin flower originating from the Eastern Mediterranean and India are rich in essential oils giving a distinct warmth and earthiness.

Coriander Seed

Coriander seed from Morocco contributes warm, gingery, sage
like flavours and a soft spiciness.



Cinnamon from the inner
bark of trees native to Sri Lanka and South East Asia brings a peppery influence.


The thick cassia bark from Indonesia brings an almost spiced chocolate note.

Grains of Paradise

Native to West Africa and known as the African pepper, grains of paradise has an intriguing
peppery flavour.


The aromatic dried cloves flower buds from exotic Madagascar and Zanzibar bring balance with rich floral and herbal spices.

Angelica Root

The woody notes of dried angelica root from France helps to make our gin dry.